“Confessions of a Male Gynecologist is full of insights I had no idea I wanted to know. I appreciate the total frankness of this book, and I liked learning things like ‘there’s very little pubic hair left in the state of Florida.’” 

Ira Glass
Age 57
American Public Radio Personality
New York, NY

 “This book is informational, educational, and at times downright hysterical. I’ve seen a male gynecologist for years, and it's almost like the author has been reading my mind during each exam!”

—Joyce Bustard
Age 48
Beauty Salon Manager
West Palm Beach, FL

 “Having been in stirrups myself with Dr. Bellanger on the other side, I found myself laughing and sometimes cringing at his insightful look into the wonders of gynecology. With a little humor, he quells our fears and answers questions we’ve all wondered about, but couldn’t bring ourselves to ask.”  

—Sarah O'Neill
Age 48
Beach Haven West, NJ

“Thoughtful, clever, and absolutely hilarious. This book answers all the questions I’ve ever had about my gynecologist! Every woman should read this book.”

—Ila Rabinowitz
Age 23
Fundraising Fellow
Northbrook, IL

“Thanks to Dr. Bellanger’s knack for telling a story while teaching a lesson, reading Confessions of a Male Gynecologist was an entertaining experience. I cringed when I came to the chapter ‘The Air Down There,’ but I had to read every word. Finally, the unspeakable has been addressed. And, the author’s purely medical opinion about abortion provides an insightful viewpoint that’s not often heard from pro-life or pro-choice camps. “

—Sharon A. Learn, M.A.
Age 70
Chief Operations Officer (Retired)
West Chester, PA

 “A must read for any female, regardless of age. Dr. Bellanger addresses questions that I’d passed off as insignificant or incidental, answering them in the most honest, easy-to-understand way. The ‘Loose Lips’ chapter is required reading for us mature women! This book is also a must read for any young woman who is nervous or needing insight regarding her first visit to a gynecologist. I’m buying copies for all my young nieces and my daughter.”

—Bernadette Fricchione
Age 58
New York, NY

 “Confessions of a Male Gynecologist is enlightening, from Dr. Bellanger’s account of the training it takes to become a doctor and his look at medicine as a business, to his insight into the Affordable Care Act and abuse of the health care system. This book also demonstrates why it really is necessary to discuss everything with your doctor—there’s probably nothing they haven't already heard. ”

—Judy Wheeler
Age 67
Career Advisor (Semi-retired)
Lowell, MA

 “An entertaining look at the issues we physicians face daily, Confessions of a Male Gynecologist puts the life and challenges of being a doctor on the table. I very much enjoyed reading and relating to it.”

 —Dr. Gary Merlino
Age 53
Internal Medicine Physician
Miami Beach, FL

 “It’s good to know your doctor's perspective, and Confessions of a Male Gynecologist reveals what your physician is thinking in a way that’s incredibly informative and entertaining. It answers many questions I wouldn’t ask my own OBGYN.”

—Esperanza Mayer
Age 38
Mother and Wife
Palm Beach, FL

 “Confessions of a Male Gynecologist is highly readable, informative, and funny. Dr. Bellanger shares stories and insights from his many years as a gynecologist, combining practical medical information with just the right amount of humor. Any woman who sees a gynecologist owes it to herself to read this book.”
—Dr. Adam Goodfarb
Age 51
Los Angeles, CA

 “A truly insightful look into the complexity and realities of not only women's health, but the state of our health care system today. An easy read that will change your perspective on what to worry about when going to the gynecologist. Enjoyable and informative, a must read for women of all ages.”

 —Sarah R. Wolf
Age 37
Registered Nurse
West Palm Beach, FL